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Swapnil Mathur began his journey as a photographer at Soka University of America, where he was under the mentorship of Mark Kirchner. After spending 3 years training in the medium of Black & White photography, he moved onto training with the digital medium as a means of keeping up with the times. He indulged in his love for the art form while pursuing a degree in psychology, which he did successfully earn.

Swapnil Mathur has a strong inclination towards photographing live concerts and over the last 7 years, has regularly worked with international artists such as Infected Mushroom, The Crystal Method, Stanton Warriors, Deadmau5 to name a few. His approach to concert photography has always been one to fuse the journalistic style with fine art, in order to truly capture and present to the viewer the palpable energy coursing through a concert arena.

Besides shooting concerts, Swapnil Mathur also works on his own thematic visions. A degree in psychology may not have led him down the typical career path, but what it has done is allowed him to fuse his passion with his education. Swapnil often works on conceptual shoots that depict various psychological conditions. One of his photographs was used as a poster to deter under-age drinking, while others were often statements on the resignation he finds prevalent in society.